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The Cold War - The Bomarc Missile Program

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The Bomarc Missile Program was a joint Canada - United States operation that lasted from 1957 until 1972. It's main purpose was to protect the North American coastline from U.S.S.R. bomber threats during the times of the Cold War.
Although thankfully never having to be used in combat, the Bomarc Missile was North Americas most lethal measure of defense during the period of activity.
In Canada there were two missile operators, they were:
446 SAM Squadron, North Bay, Ontario 1962-1972
447 SAM Squadron, La Macaza, Quebec 1962-1972
In the United States there were 8 missile operators, they were:
United States Air Force Air (later Aerospace) Defense Command
6th Air Defense Missile Squadron (BOMARC-A)
Suffolk County AFB, New York, 1959-1964

22d Air Defense Missile Squadron (BOMARC-A/B)
Langley AFB, Virginia (1960-1972)

26th Air Defense Missile Squadron (BOMARC-A/B)
Otis AFB, Massachusetts, 1960-1972

30th Air Defense Missile Squadron (BOMARC-A)
Dow AFB, Maine, 1960-1964
35th Air Defense Missile Squadron (BOMARC-B)
Niagara Falls International Airport, New York, 1961-1969

37th Air Defense Missile Squadron (BOMARC-B)
Kincheloe AFB, Michigan, 1961-1972

46th Air Defense Missile Squadron (BOMARC-A/B)
McGuire AFB, New Jersey, 1959-1972

74th Air Defense Missile Squadron (BOMARC-B)
Duluth International Airport, Minnesota, 1960-1972